Friday, February 4, 2011

Send email using telnet

We can use telnet to send email. And the benefit is that we can act as anyone that we want to act. In this tutorial, I will act as the CEO of Online sending email to in the purpose of giving reward.
Note: we can use this tutorial with only mail server that does not require authentication.
mail server of online is listen on port 25.

1.  start --> run --> cmd
2. declare where we sending email.
   I use, but you can use anything domain, but the domain must be qualified domain name.
   it is not necessary to be your domain.
3. declare your address that you want to be, now i act as CEO, so my mail should be
4. this address is who you want to send to. so will be cheated by me.
5. this is time to write your email. to start type "data", "subject" for your subject.
  you see that there are many mistakes in my email, but we can not use "back space" key ,
 because it is not support, so be careful with your writing. when you finish your writing
 type "." to end the message and start sending.
6. when i log into, i get this
FINISH, now it is time for you to cheat other. don't get caught.


  1. Hi brother!!!
    When I type command rcpt to: < address > it always show error Relay Access Denied

  2. This mean, mail server requires authentication or your IP is not in the trust subnet of the mail server.

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