Thursday, February 3, 2011

Set password on text file, video, document, anything that you want to set

Have you ever want to password protect your txt file or video file?  So i will show you how to do so
1- create one folder on desktop called "ccrypt"
2- download "cygwin1.dll"
then copy the two file to the "ccrypt" folder on desktop
3- now i create a file called dara.txt in ccrypt folder

4- start --> run --> cmd
(1)- change to ccrypt folder on desktop
     (2)- encrypt the dara.txt file, we use -e to encrypt
     (3)- it will prompt you to enter password, you have to remember it when you decrypt it. 
     then our file, dara.txt will change to dara.txt.cpt and the content also change 
5- to decrypt the file to make it readable we use, -d. 
    when it prompt you to type the password, type the password that you use to encrypt. 
    now everything back to normal both filename and content.
  Note: you can encrypt any files that you like, picture, archive, compress, video, text, office,
  just follow the steps above.

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