Sunday, March 6, 2011

how to install font limon in ubuntu

to install font in ubuntu is straight forward, we can use gnome-font-viewer (gnome) or kfontinst (kde).

1. open your favorite terminal then type
# gnome-font-viewer fontname
if you use kde
# kfontinst fontname   (kfontview normally store in /opt/kde3/bin)
--example i use gnome-font-viewer to install font limon f1
1. I have a font in /opt/kde3/bin  -- i use grep extract the result

type gnome-font-viewer LMNF1.TTF  . it will show you new windows then click install -- finish

you can install any fonts that you like, beside limon

before i can not read news at , after i install limon font i can read all the information.


  1. can we type limon correctly in openoffice in ubuntu

  2. I can type Limon correctly in openoffice.
    If you want to use Alt+Ctrl, Alt+Ctrl+Shift, you need to use keyboard layout( USA International AltGr dead keys).
    Alt(right) = Alt+Ctrl
    Alt(right) + shift = Alt+Ctrl+shift.

    To add keyboard layout go to

  3. We don't have to use a normal file or not? I meaning for subtext and supertext.. I'm wondering