Sunday, July 3, 2011

Share keyboard and mouse with multiple linux pc -- Synergy

You can share your mouse and keyboard amongst a few pcs

-- Example how to share keyboard and mouse between two linux pc --

1st pc : server named dara-desktop (who has mouse and keyboard
2nd pc: client named xtrr

1. On 1st pc create a configuration file named it synergy.conf

section: screens
section: links
                left = xtrr
                right = dara-desktop

2. use server program on 1st pc.
# synergys -f --config synergy.conf

3. on 2nd pc, just connect to the server you will be able to share the mouse and keyboard

# synergyc -f dara-desktop


You have to edit /etc/hosts file to make your pc using name instead of ip

synergy website:

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