Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Software to convert documents written in Limon, ABC Font to Khmer Unicode Font

khmerconverter is a software from open institute to convert from font limon, abc to font khmer unicode or vise versa.

  • Direction: From Legacy to Unicode and vice versa
  • Supported legacy fonts: ABC, ABC-zwsp, FK, Baidok, Khek, Limon, Truth, Kaohkong and RaksmeiKampuchea.
  • Supported file formats: Plain text, OpenOffice.org writer and HTML file.

to download please visit this link


  1. Hi all! I tried to covert from Limon to Unicode but it does not work. My file name is Office Word 2003 or 2007. When I click convert I got successful message but when I open converted file only see unreadable character.

    Could someone tell me about this.
    Thanks in advance

  2. This program support only the following document type,
    Plain text, OpenOffice.org writer and HTML file.

    Your documents are Microsoft Office, so to convert it to Khmer Unicode you have to do as below

    - Install open office,
    - open your document with open office
    - save as "open office writer"
    - convert the document that you just saved,
    - open it with open office,
    - save as "Microsoft word"
    - finish,

  3. I try use Openoffice.org already but it cant convert file in Microsoft exel the same.

  4. supported doc are: Plain text, OpenOffice.org writer and HTML file., So it does not support excel