Monday, November 21, 2011

How to automatically start up a virtual machine in linux

I use ubuntu with fluxbox as my windows manger, so to automatically start an application, just do the following thing:

 1. Create a bash script to start the virtual machine named xpall
 root@dara-desktop:/home/dara/.fluxbox# cat /usr/bin/
echo darax | sudo -S vboxheadless -s xpall &

2. Store the script in /usr/bin/ with executable permission (755)
root@dara-desktop:/home/dara/.fluxbox# which

3. in fluxbox the start up file is ~/.fluxbox/apps , so add the last line in order to start our script automatically when we log in.
root@dara-desktop:/home/dara/.fluxbox# cat apps
[app] (name=fbrun)
  [Position]    (WINCENTER)    {0 0}
  [Layer]    {2}
[startup] {}


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