Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Install Windows 7 over Network

1. Download tftpboot from
2. Extract to C:\
3. run tftp32.exe
4. change setting
- uncheck "option negotiation
- check pxe compatibility
5. In DHCP server setting set ip poll address the same network as your network
and set boot file to boot\    
6. copy windows 7 cd to a folder and share it, or u can share your dvd-rom

7. on client computer set to boot from network. when the computer starting free F12
8. After successfully boot, it will appear with a command prompt,
    - check your ip address: if it get correct ip address from dhcp server, that is ok. but   if it can not get ip address from dhcp server, it will self-assigned ip address with, so you have to add ip address on server with that range  too.
9. map network drive to your windows share net use z: \\server_ip\share_name
10. change directory to drive z: and run setup.exe,


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