Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Configure fiber optic OLT and ONU for EPON, FTTH

RAISCOM ISCOM5504 & ISCOM5104 Basic Configuration

OLT Configuration

-          Change Password
#user name test password test
#user name test privilege 15
-          Change Hostname and write running to startup
#hostname y5net01
-          Out of band configuration
y5net01(config)#management-port ip address
y5net01#show management-port ip
-          In Band configuration
y5net01(config)#interface ip 0
y5net01(config-ip)#ip address 1
y5net01(config)#ip default-gateway
y5net01#show interface ip
-          Create register Manually
#int olt 0/5
#create onu 1 5e04.9992.2393
-          Delete ONU from olt
#int olt 0/5
#no create onu 1
-          Search ONU MAC
y5net01#search interface olt 0/5 mac-address-table 5e07.2334.1122
y5net01#search mac-address 5e07.2334.1122
y5net01#show interface olt 0/5 illegal-onu
-          Configure Trunk port on Ethernet port
y5net01#conf t
y5net01(config)#int port 2
y5net01(config-port:2)#switchport mode trunk                              


-          Disable/Enable port ONU ethernet1
y5net01(fttx)#interface onu 0/5/2
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:2)#uni ethernet 1
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#no shutdown

-          Reboot
y5net01(fttx)#interface onu 0/5/2

-          Configure hostname for ONU
y5net01(fttx)#interface onu 0/5/2
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:2)#hostname y5netonu

-          Vlan  ONU port Ethernet
y5net01(fttx)#interface onu 0/5/2
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:2)#uni ethernet 1
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#native vlan 3
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#vlan mode tagged

-          Limit down stream and up stream on pon port
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:1)#policing downstream rate 1024 64000
y5net01#show interface onu 0/5/1 policing downstream
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:1)#uplink rate-limit 1024

-          Limit downstream/upstream on ethernet port
y5net01(fttx)#interface onu 0/5/2
y5net01(fttx-onu0/5:2)#uni ethernet 1
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#policing ingress enable
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#policing ingress cir 1024
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#policing egress enable
y5net01(fttx-onu-uni0/5/2:1)#policing egress cir 1024

-          Show vlan on onu
y5net01#show interface onu 0/5/2 uni ethernet vlan

-          Show onu hostname, mac and state
y5net01#show interface onu 0/5/2 information

-          Show rate limite
y5net01#show interface onu 0/5/2 policing downstream
y5net01#show interface onu 0/5/2 uni ethernet policing


  1. Hi Dara

    Can you guide m how to test ONU ? What if i want ONU to connect to DHCP server to get IP address can you guide me to do that?


  2. Hi

    I suggest you to read another article,

    The article i have setup ONU, OLT and Mikrotik

    onu (access vlan 701) <--> (Trunk) OLT (Trunk) <--> (Trunk) Mikrotik

    On mikrotik if you setup DHCP on vlan 701 in Mikrotik, then the pc that connect to ONU will get IP from DHCP.

    but If you does not have experiences with Mikrotik you can change Mikrotik to Managed switch, instead.

  3. Hi Dara,
    I have read your article about how to config olt but i don't understand all the meaning of the commands. Can u write detail about each command?

  4. please read again,

    I think, all command has there descriptions.

  5. Hi Dara,
    What is the meaning of (ip interface 0)?

  6. set ip address for In Band management
    it is like
    #interface vlan 1

    then you can set ip in the vlan for in band management.

    I suggest you to see the whole thing
    It is better than understand each sentence

  7. Thanks its nice guide. However can you provide me user manual of iscom 5504 olt?


    Thank you

  8. How GEM id's are configured on ONU's ? any idea ?

  9. What basic configurations commands will be given to ONU from OLT. Can you please tell me ?

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  12. how to add static mac address ONU to OLT

  13. how to add static mac address ONU to old ?

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