Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to change users profile to another drive and location on Microsoft Windows 7 / XP

how to move users profile to another drive or location in the same network,
user profile in here refer to the new user that we just create and log in to the system
and then it will create the user profile automatic in another location that we have changed it to.

Default user profile
Windows XP:  c:\documents and settings\
Windows 7:  c:\users

Example for changing users profile path on windows 7
1. How to change to drive E: (E:\Users it means we move to drive E)
- registry path
 - change the value in the registry

restart user computer to take effect, so any new user that you create will have the profile in E:\users\

Example 2
2. How to change to remote server shared drive (\\nas\les\Users it means we move to a remote system ,Ex i
move to nas system file server)
so in the value of ProfilesDirectory, please change it to  \\nas\les\Users

Note: \\Nas is the remote shared server, and \les is the directory shared on that server


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