Monday, April 22, 2013

Mobile phone prefix in Cambodia

There are 6 mobile phone operators in Cambodia. They are Mobitel, Smart, Beeline, qb, Metfone and Excel. The following are the prefix of those operators:


  1. The Amazing Look Interior Design

    This is the amazing look interior design of the contemporary house has been designed as the comfortable and stylish place.
    Leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh
    construction materials stated, the interior of the house are really breathtaking and it seems some of the soberness of the initial old church was transfered while designing the imposing decors that make up this unusual residence.
    Here is more information from the developers; “First a church then a theatre, a slice of Brisbane’s heritage has been saved from demolition and transformed into two striking luxury homes. The existing buildings date back to 1867 and are heritage listed.
    Extensive community and heritage consultation ensured the balance between conserving the integrity of the buildings, the subtle introduction of contemporary elements, and the relationship with the surrounding area”.

  2. The Creative Neil Dusheiko Architects

    This is the functional and practical Neil Dusheiko Architects, leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials said.
    According to the official description of the project, “the existing house was in a rundown state and required considerable repair work. The remodeled home accommodates a family of five.
    The ground floor has been completely opened up into a single open plan space linking living room, kitchen, dining and garden together.
    The kitchen is placed at the heart of the home allowing the family to interact with one other across the space. The floor and ceiling levels vary to alter the scale and proportion within the main volume”.
    One more thing, the wide skylights over the kitchen and dining spaces bring light right into the heart of house and create a feeling of being outdoors and at one with the outside environment.

  3. Mondernizing the classic by David Stimmel

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
    construction materials, a brief for renovating this particular kitchen was a space that would be sympathetic to the historical outlook of the interior while addressing a modern sensibility at the same time.
    “The kitchen blends de-murely with the barn’s dramatic open spaces, but the design also captures some of the hands-on innovation that helped build the barn so long ago,” said designer David Stimmel. “The bar stools, for example, have been created from axe handles and rakes, adding to an artisan feel.”
    “In a similar rustic vein, the cabinetry pulls were forged on site by the blacksmith that shoes the owners’ horses,” he says. “Being handmade, each handle is slightly different.”
    “In a way, the kitchen’s faucet captures the spirit of the design, offering modern functionality under the guise of rustic aesthetics,” Stimmel added.

  4. The Contemporary and Appealing Villa F

    Here is the contemporary and appealing interior of the Villa F, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated. One more thing this villa has been designed by the architects over at Najjar & Najjar.
    By the design, plasma TVs jumping out of seemingly common furniture, a large aquarium with computer generated graphics, LED lighting and sound systems turned on and off with the help of a mouse click- everything in this futuristic place is digitally maneuvered.
    One more thing, the shape of this interior is just different and wonderful, so owners can enjoy with this new style.

  5. Tranquil atmosphere – A lakeside retreat remodel by Mary Hickey

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials
    informed, designer Mary Hickey was asked to renovate the featured vacation home with a brief of a peaceful space that can entertain a large group of guests and family members.
    "Layer upon layer of horizontal lines ground the space and help people feel calm and comfortable," she said. "Some items, like the dining room chairs, have exaggerated verticality, and this adds interest and energy. It also encourages the eye to look upwards towards the rafters and the sky outside."
    "I wanted a color that would stand the test of time and would always look crisp, which is why I chose dark blue."
    "The sofa has been designed so that its height is in proportion with the room's low ceiling – the low back encourages people to relax rather than sit bolt upright. I'm very picky about pillows, so I chose ones that will be soft and comfortable."

  6. Outdoor link – A contemporary home design in countryside by Neal Schwartz

    Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, this cabin-like home was the work of architect Neal Schwartz. It has a modern sensibility and minimalist look with a sense of open connection to the outdoor.
    "The architecture is a direct response to the need to link with the outdoors," Schwartz said. "For example, the approach involves a series of thresholds, including bridges over a seasonal watercourse, that foster the idea of movement and exploration.
    "The geometry of the house also helps. With its long, angled wing, the building appears to embrace the hills behind. And the forced perspective created by a tapering 100ft-long solar screen on the exterior guides the view back into the landscape."
    "All materials have a natural tendency towards movement and change, and we often make futile attempts to stop this process," the architect added. "For this house, we embraced the inevitable weathering and warping of materials. The steel rusts, the cedar grays and fades, and the eucalyptus planks on the solar screen crook, cup, bow and twist, becoming slightly more deformed every day."

  7. Modern Warmly Wooden House

    This wonderful MS house with an uncommon building site was designed by Yo Yamagata Architects, trustworthy to furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials provided.
    The amazing part of this house is the first floor is a cantilevered with steel beams which make the house looking like floating construction.
    In addition, architects mentioned, “At first we dug soil to the halfway of the slope; this was for the basement floor which is constructed with concrete. The wooden floor is supported by the basement floor.”
    More interestingly, owing to the abundance of wooden elements, the interior are surprisingly warm.

  8. Breaking tradition by Hugh Newell Jacobsen

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials
    informed, normally, a beachfront house consists of glazing that fully captures the breathtaking ocean view.
    This was not the case for the featured beachfront house when architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen opted a different approach.
    "The site dictated a house that climbed up the hillside. Combined with my own preference for extracting the local vernacular in his designs, this led to the decision to build a series of connected pavilions."
    "The house has been designed for privacy. All the living rooms and bedrooms open out to private platform terraces, which appear suspended in the trees. Glazed balustrading and holes cut into the decking for some of the older trees enhance the effect of living among the treetops."


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