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MTCNA sample exam -- similar

1. Ip Firewall NAT, you are able to Classify Traffic in src-natt Chain based on " out-interface".



2. To use masquerade, you need to specify which command


A. action=masquerade, out-interface, chain=src-nat

B. action=accept, out-interface, chain=src-nat

C. action=masquerade, in-interface, chain=src-nat

D. action=masquerade, out-interface, chain=dst-nat

3. Which option in configuration of a wireless card must be disabled to make router to permit only known clients listed in the access list to connect?


A. Default Forward

B. Enable Access List

C. Default Authenticate

D. Security Profile

4. can you limit how many clients than are able to connect to access point (routeros)?


A. Yes, but only with access-lists

B. No it's not possible at all

C. Yes

5. Which  are the statuses of Routes are possible?


A. D = Drop

B. C = Connected

C. S = Static

D. A = Active

6. We need to configure a local DNS server to be able to give out a DNS setting to clients via DHCP server.



think again, it should be false, because dns ip is only set on dhcp setting

7. What kind of users are listed in the "/user" menu in routerOS?


A. pptp users

B. hotspot users

C. router users

D. wireless users

8. How many DHCP servers could you run on one interface?  

A. 255

B. 1024

C. 4

D. 1

9. What configurations are added by /ip hotspot setup command in rotuerOS? (select all applied)


A. /ip hotspot user

B. /queue tree

C. /ip service

D. /ip dhcp-server

E. /ip hotspot walled-garden

10. What is the default protocol/port of secure winbox service?


A. TCP/8080

B. TCP/22

C. UDP/5678

D. TCP/8291

11. Router has Wireless and Ethernet client interfaces, all client interfaces are bridged together.

Where will you create a DHCP service for all clients ?


A. only on bridge interface

B. every bridge port

C. DHCP service is not possible in this setup

D. Ethernet and wireless interfaces

12. routing table of mikrotik router has following entries:

0 dst-address= gateway=

1 dst-address= gateway=

2 dst-address= gateway=

3 dst-address= gateway=

Which gateway will be used for a packet with destination address






13. could  PPTP Client and PPTP server exist on one MikroTik router at the same time?



14. both Router X and Y are  running as PPPoE servers but on different broadcast domains . could Router A use "/ppp secret" accounts from Router B to authenticate PPPoE customers ?



15.  which command You use to allow a specific host to skip HotSpot (authorization, accounting, etc.) ?


A. /ip hotspot ip-binding

B. /ip hotspot walled-garden ip

C. /ip hotspot walled-garden

D. /ip address

16. What does the firewall action "Redirect"  do?


A. Redirects a packet to a specified port on a host in the network

B. Redirects a packet to a specified IP

C. Redirects a packet to the router

D. Redirects a packet to a specified port on the router

17. Which wireless mode that allows you to connect to any standard AP ( other than MikroTik) and can bridge the wireless interface to an Ethernet port?


A. station

B. bridge

C. station-pseudobridge

D. station-wds

18. Possible actions of ip firewall filter are in mikrotik:


A. bounce

B. accept

C. tarp

D. add-to-list

E. log

F. tarpit

19. How many layers does Open Systems Interconnection model or we call it osi model have?


A. 9

B. 6

C. 5

D. 7

E. 12

20. What does this simple queue do with the image below? Image can not display so this question is meaningless


A. Queue guarantees download data rate of one megabit per second for host

B. Queue limits host upload data rate to one megabit per second.

C. Queue guarantees upload data rate of one megabit per second for host

D. Queue limits host download data rate to one megabit per second.

21. You can limit bandwidth of a client connected to AP with  / interface wireless access-list ( if the client uses MikroTik).



22. Choose all valid hosts address  from this subnet






23. what configuration menu,  you use to change Winbox default service port?


A. /ip service
B. /ip firewall service-ports

C. /ip firewall filter

D. /system resource

24. backup file from a routerOS  stored in plain-text



25. In Mikrotik queue configuration,  "total"  means


A. download

 B. upload + download

C. download - upload

D. upload


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