Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Compile software with autoconf and automake ( and

The automake and autoconf tools can be used to manage C++ projects under Unix. They should save a lot of time compared to writing Makefiles and configure scripts manually, while ensuring that your project is structured according to GNU standards.
However, it is difficult for beginners to get started. Hopefully, this tutorial will provide enough information for C++ programmers who are new to Unix to create their first C++ projects, while gaining a superficial understanding of what the tools are doing.
If you find any problem with this page, we welcome feedback or patches against the example code, which can be downloaded from the Gitorious project page. Either send a merge request or email

1- some package contain, and, this indicates that the package support automake and autoconf,

 so the requirement to make the configure file is:
-libtool, automake and autoconf

2- After install the requirement, use command autoreconf -i
# autoreconf -i
# chmod 755 configure
# ./configure
# make
# make install 

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