Sunday, February 2, 2014

gpicker -- easy switch tasks and choose files in directory


gpicker is a solution for quickly choosing a file from a (possibly large) project.
Files are searched by their basename, but patterns containing ‘/’ automagically turn on matching of the directory name.

1- List all application running and switch on Enter or double click
 - install gpicker : download and install
 - install wmctrl : apt-get install wmctrl

 - create bash script save as in the home directory:

wmctrl -i -a `wmctrl -l -x | gpicker --sync -n "\n" -d "\n" -`

 - map the script to keys in fluxbox to run when we press the short-cut key
root@localhost # cat ~/.fluxbox/keys
Mod4 Mod1 c :Exec /home/youracc/

 2- File picker 
 the the command in the directory you want to get the picker
 $ ls | gpicker --sync -n "\n" -d "\n" -

or you can map the command inside thunar to easy pick the file when you browse.

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