Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Save already play flash video in linux

  1. Visit the YouTube video and wait for it to be downloaded fully.
  2. Then, run from the command line the command
    $ lsof -n | grep Flash
    which shows the files (even memory files!), and filters to those that have Flash in their name.
  3. You get something like
    plugin-co 2461 user 17u REG 8,5 1693301 524370 /tmp/FlashXXVkHEM6 (deleted).
    Now, there is a /tmp/FlashXXVkHEM6 but it has been deleted.
  4. In Linux, if a file is deleted, it is actually gone only when all programs that opened it earlier are closed. That is, the Flash plugin is using a trick to hide the /tmp/FlashXXVkHEM6 file. It creates it and immediately deletes it. But since the Flash plugin keeps running, it can apparently still use it.
  5. From the above line we note the number 2461, which is the process ID. In your case it will be probably different. Then, run
    $ cd /proc/2461/fd
    and finally execute
    $ ls -l
    This will show you the memory files, and specifically
    lrwx------ 1 user user 64 2011-09-16 10:23 17 -> /tmp/FlashXXVkHEM6 (deleted)
    The number '17' (in my case) is the filename you can use to access the deleted /tmp/FlashXXVkHEM6. Therefore, simply run
    $ cp 17 /tmp/myyoutubevideo.flv
    and you restore the Youtube Video!

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