Saturday, May 24, 2014

convert to webp reduce the image size more than %80

WebP (pronounced "weppy")[5] is an image format employing both lossy[6] and lossless compression. It is developed by Google, based on technology acquired with the purchase of On2 Technologies.[7] As a derivative of the video format VP8, it is a sister project to the multimedia container format WebM.[8] WebP-related software is released under a BSD license. wikipedia

To convert image:

1- download webp from

2- if you use windows, WebpCodecSetup.exe, if you use linux download libwebp-0.4.0-linux-x86-64.tar.gz 

3- when extract there are executable files:
cwebp   --> to convert to webp
dwebp   -- > to convert back to jpg/png
vwebp   --> to view webp file

4- to convert

../cwebp imagefile.jpg -o imagefile.webp

5- to view

./vwebp imagefile.webp

-- this is the result i covert my image
du -h DSC01361.JPG ; du -h converted/DSC01361.webp
4.2M    DSC01361.JPG      ----> original file
640K    converted/DSC01361.webp  ----> converted file

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