Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Offline wikipedia on linux -- XOWA

1- download xowa for linux (64-bit) from

2- download wikipedia dump databas or xml pages
 there are varieties of databases to download such as
- language: english, chinese, french, german, japanese
- only text
- text with image
 now we download the text only xml (english)

3- unzip and run the xowa,
user@localhost$ sh

4- import the downloaded xml archive to xowa
enter home/wiki/Help:Import/Script to the url bar
choose "read from file" and choose the xml that we just download and choose "import now" as soon below

5- after 4-5 hours, based on computer performance, the xowa will be ready for view type "" to start the main page and you can search and read the entire wikipedia offiline


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