Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to import Mikrotik host template to cacti

1- Download mikrotik host template from http://forums.cacti.net/download/file.php?id=15969&sid=df9a9957f58c79a77c7aca2fc2690426

2- extract the file and copy files to the right location
user@cacti$ $ unzip mikrotik-20090210.zip
Archive:  mikrotik-20090210.zip
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/script_server/
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/script_server/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.xml 
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/snmp_queries/
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/snmp_queries/mikrotik_queue_simple.xml 
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/snmp_queries/mikrotik_queue_tree.xml 
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/resource/snmp_queries/mikrotik_wireless_client.xml 
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/scripts/
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/scripts/mikrotik_ppp_connections.php 
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/scripts/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.php 
   creating: mikrotik-20090210/template/
  inflating: mikrotik-20090210/template/cacti_host_template_mikrotik.xml

 - on the server
 copy content in directory resource/* and scripts/* to the cacti directory that have the same name:

- on client
access the cacti web interface and click on "Import Templates" menu then browse to the file mikrotik-20090210/template/cacti_host_template_mikrotik.xml that we extracted. then click on import

3- After import we will get a new templates "mikrotik"


  1. thank you for your great help , could you please help me in mikrotik mangle traffic monitor with cacti ??

  2. Thanks Dara, got this setup easily thanks to your easy guide. I have one issue though, my Microtik router doesnt seem to be generating and SNMP data. When I run a debug this is what am getting,

    Data Query Debug Information
    + Running data query [1].
    + Found type = '3' [SNMP Query].
    + Found data query XML file at '/usr/local/share/cacti/resource/snmp_queries/interface.xml'
    + XML file parsed ok.
    + Executing SNMP get for num of indexes @ '.' Index Count: 32
    + Executing SNMP walk for list of indexes @ '.' Index Count: 0
    + No SNMP data returned

    Any help would be appreciated.