Tuesday, November 25, 2014

javascript library for barcode reader -- quaggaJS

The library is good because it can detect the barcode automatically from any angle. it analyses 1 pixel a time.

1- requirement for the quaggaJS
nodejs, npm and grunt

root@nodejs:/# apt-get install nodejs
root@nodejs:/# apt-get install npm
root@nodejs:/# npm install grunt

2- download test it 
user@nodejs:/$ wget https://codeload.github.com/serratus/quaggaJS/legacy.zip/master
user@nodejs:/$ unzip  serratus-quaggaJS-238e4bf.zip
user@nodejs:/$ cp serratus-quaggaJS-238e4bf /var/www/html/barc -r
user@nodejs:/$ cp serratus-quaggaJS-238e4bf/test /var/www/html/test -r

--- start service web server, apache2

user@nodejs:/$ sudo service apache2 start

3- access url http://localhost/barc/example/static_images.html in browser to see it,

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