Wednesday, December 10, 2014

use socat as socks helper to bypass firewall

*** information ***
- telnet server, mikrotik:
- socks server, :
- client:
- on telnet server filter subnet from access into it

some application client does of support socks protocol, telnet, ftp, etc. so we can use socat to help this application send traffic through socks server

1- setup socks server see

2- install socat and run it on client

root@c:/#apt-get install socat

- run the socat to use socks server, and listent on locally on port 10023 that will route to telnet server on port 23

user1@c:/$ socat TCP-LISTEN:10023 SOCKS:

- to access telnet server using localhost port 10023
user1@c:/$ telnet localhost 10023

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