Sunday, February 1, 2015

Download all python package source from pypi mirror

I can not find any ftp or rsync server to download all the packages. So I have compiled a list. The list does not consist all the packages because some packages is linked to their own website, not in the pypi mirror.

Download the list and extract to a directory and use to the following script to download all that packages.

import os
import re
plist = open("packagelist","r").read()

pl = plist.split("\n")
mirror1 = ""
downlist = os.listdir("./")
n = 0
for i in pl:
  if i != "":
    iname = i.split("/")
    iname = iname[len(iname) - 1]
    if iname in downlist:
        n += 1
          os.system("wget " + mirror1 + newthing)

print n

you can also change the mirror site that you can good speed.

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