Wednesday, September 16, 2015

screenshot the whole page of webstie -- quora

most websites, we are able to print the whole pages offline reading, but a few websites they won't let us doing easily, such as quora,etc.

so we can screenshot the whole page of these websites with cutycapt and webpage screenshot (google chrome extension)

1- cutycapt
- installation
$ sudo apt-get install cutycapt

- capture a page url  and the output name output.png

 $ cutycapt --url=""  --out=output.png

2- webpage screenshot
- installation
we need google chrome or chromium browser   installed then search for "webpage screenshot" in web store and install that extension

- shortcut for capturing page
      All Page Screenshot: Alt + Z
      Visible Screenshot : Alt + X
      Region Screenshot : Alt + R

so we can use alt+z to capture the whole page and save it to local disk to view offline.

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