Wednesday, February 24, 2016

using byobu when one terminal is not enough

byobu is powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer. you create create many new tabs, split terminal inside only ssh session.

- install
$ sudo apt-get install byobu

- usage
after login to tty or ssh or just open a terminal use this command to enable
$ byobu-enable
- to disable it from use byobu every time you login use
$ byobu-diable

*** shortcut keys to use with byobu ***
F2 - Create a new window
F3 - Move to previous window
F4 - Move to next window
F5 - Reload profile
F6 - Detach from this session
F7 - Enter copy/scrollback mode
F8 - Re-title a window
F9 - Configuration Menu
F12 -  Lock this terminal
shift-F2 - Split the screen horizontally
ctrl-F2 - Split the screen vertically
shift-F3 - Shift the focus to the previous split region
shift-F4 - Shift the focus to the next split region
shift-F5 - Join all splits
ctrl-F6 - Remove this split
ctrl-F5 - Reconnect GPG and SSH sockets
shift-F6 - Detach, but do not logout
alt-pgup - Enter scrollback mode
alt-pgdn - Enter scrollback mode
Ctrl-a $ - show detailed status
Ctrl-a R - Reload profile
Ctrl-a ! - Toggle key bindings on and off
Ctrl-a k - Kill the current window
Ctrl-a ~ - Save the current window's scrollback buffer

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