Tuesday, March 15, 2016

duplicity, lightweigt encrypted backup tool

duplicity can do encrypted incremental or full backup to local or remote storage.
for remote storage it support many protocol such as
ftp,  ftps,  hsi,  imap,  rsync, s3,  scp,  ssh,  swift,  tahoe, webdav,   webdavs,  gdocs (google docs),  mega,  dpbx (dropbox)

1- installation
$ sudo apt-get install duplictiy

2- backup and restore from local directory  to local directory
- backup current working directory to /backup
$ duplicity full . file:///backup  (when prompt for password type your password for the backup archive)
- restore
$ duplicity restore file:///backup . --force

3- backup and restore using ssh
-backup to pc ip
$ duplicity full . ssh://user:passsword@
$ duplicity restore ssh://user:passsword@ . --force

For automation, you can use with cron to schedule for the backup.

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