Wednesday, March 2, 2016

gitkraken git gui client

gitkraken is a git client with gui interface, so it might be easy for user when viewing diff and status of the repo.

it support all platform, windows , linux, Mac OS

some features:

- File History  in the diff panel. This will bring up an evolved Diff View showing the timeline of commits
- Blame revisions in the new File View tab also present in the history section to see how and when the file changed, and by whom.
- Push a local branch directly to remote via drag and drop
- commit entry in the graph can Revert commit and reverse unwanted changes
- Bitbucket supported in GK for direct interaction with your public and private repositories
- GitHub supported
- git-flow we'll remember your preferences for start, delete, and rebase on branches
- Setup Git Flow in preferences. Initialize a workflow per repository
- fetch update refs for individual remotes

download link:

screenshot :

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