Friday, March 18, 2016

gobby collaborative text editors

gobby is a client-side editor which allows to edit text documents and source files  collaboratively over a network. Changes to the documents  are  synchronised instantly to the other clients. it also support chat with irc. it is good tools for collaboration.

We use infinoted as the server.

*** server ***
1- installation
$ sudo apt-get install  infinoted

2- run server with password letmein
$ sudo infinoted --security-policy no-tls -p letmein --sync-interval=60

*** client ***
1- installation
$ sudo apt-get install gobby

2- run gobby on the terminal or launcher.
- then type the ip address of the infinoted server
- type password'
- then you can create new file and start editing

 - user1 gobby
 -user2 gobby

*** user also can run on encryption, but you have to generate certificate and key ***

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