Monday, March 28, 2016

install openerp on ubuntu

openerp is business-management software for Enterprise resource planning, that it include many feature such as, 
- CRM, 
- eInvoicing & Payments, 
- Point Of Sale, 
- Project Management, 
- Accounting and Finance,
- Employee Directory,
- Sales Management,
- Timesheets Validation,
- Warehouse Management,
- MRP, Purchase Management,
- Todo Lists,
- Issues Tracker,
- Recruitment Process,
- Leaves Management,
- Expenses Management,
- Assets Management,
- Payroll,
- Employee Appraisals

1- installation is straightforward and easy

$ sudo apt-get install postgresql openerp6.1-full openerp6.1-core

2- start the the openerp service, it is ready to serve the request
$ service openerp-server restart

3- to access access it, the url is http://localhost:8069 or http://serverip:8069 for remote access

- for the first time you have to create database, click on "manage databases"
- then it lead you to manage database page, so after you complete creating database you can install modules than start using it.

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