Sunday, March 27, 2016

irc to xmpp protocol -- bitlbee

bitlbee  is An IRC server to other chat networks gateway, it support many type such  as: xmpp, facebook, twitter, aim, icq, msn, aol, yahoo.

but the following is shown, from irc to xmpp only

1- installation
$ sudo apt-get install bitlbee

2- modify configuration /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf
User = bitlbee
HostName =

3- restart its service and it's ready to go
$ service bitlbee restart

if you want to setup your own xmpp server following link below

*** after you connect to bitlbee irc, there will be a channel call "&bitlbee" use the channel and add xmpp account
account add jabber x1
acc x1 set server
- list already add account
account list
- add account using id from command account list
account 0 on 
- set message to user x2
/msg x2 mytestmessage

image of xchat on irc

image of pidgin on xmpp receive message from irc

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