Sunday, April 10, 2016

real time file monitoring or folder monitoring on linux system

daemonfs can do a real time file monitoring or tracking modifications to the files of users on linux system.  Every time a file gets modified, a notification launched from the tray icon appears. it may be used for reverse engineering, hard  disk usage tracking, software analysis and more.

daemonfs is a gui software based on qt, the interface is simple and easy to use. without explanation, use can use the application on their own.

1- install daemonfs on ubuntu or debian system.
$ sudo apt-get install daemonfs

2- start daemonfs is just execute it from terminal or application launcher.
$ daemonfs

3- example, we want to track want firefox is doing with the file, we can track the following folder
~/.cache and ~/.mozilla

 after we finish adding those directories, we can start the monitoring, so  Every time a file gets modified by firefox, a notification launched from the tray icon appears. or we can see on the daemonfs windows to see real time of theat activities.

- below is what it look like when firefox start create or modify files.

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