Thursday, June 2, 2016

create beautiful music sheet from midi file using lilypond

1- install lilypong
$ sudo apt-get install lilypond

2- convert midi to lilypond file using midi2ly, so we will get a .ly file after the job is finished
$ midi2ly RussianRoulette-rihanna.mid
LY output to `'... 

3- now we use that .ly file to produce music sheet
$ lilypond
it will create two file one midi file and another is pdf of the music sheet.

- by default it will generate music sheet in pdf format, but if you want to get png format use command like below
$  lilypond --png

- screenshot one of the pages of music sheet it created

***note ***
on linux you can use wildmidi to play midi file (mid)
$ sudo apt-get install wildmidi
$ wildmidi RussianRoulette-rihanna.mid

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