Friday, June 17, 2016

improving security by using vnc over ssh

some vncserver / client software encrypt only the connection during authentication, but after that there is no encryption at all. so if we want to encrypt everything from authentication and during the vnc session, we can use ssh as the proxy/port forwarding. so the vnc will run inside the vnc tunnel.

***setup information***
-server: running, ssh server, x11vnc(port:5900)
            ip address:
            user: tin
            forwarding port: 6000 to 5900

1- on server we can run command
verify that both ssh server and vnc server are running with correct ports, 22 and 5900

-- on client side
2- on client run command below to establish ssh connection
$ ssh -L 6000: tin@

3- to connect to vnc server
$ vncviewer localhost:6000

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