Sunday, July 3, 2016

add qemu guest image of linux and dos to gns3

we can use client from virtualbox or vmware to test gns3, but for quick and less resource consumption, we can add linux image 20Mb, or dos just 1.5Mb as qemu client.

1- link to downloads
there are many different small image available, but now we need only 2


2- both image will be store in /home/user1/gns3/img
and the linux-0.2.img.bz2 will be extract to linux-0.2.img

3- configure qemu by client
edit --> Preferences --> Qemu

-for linux-0.2 configure as below

- for odin1440 configure as below

now you can add qemu guest and could choos linux or dos as you like

*** extra
- - configure  ip address on linux

-- configure default route
route add default dev eth0 gw

-- display route

-- delete default route
route del default

screenshot of linux host

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