Thursday, August 25, 2016

mpv, linux video player alternative to vlc

vlc is a great video player, but  recently I encountered a few problem when playing certain video file formats, I'm lazy to find the solution. so I  tried mpv and I got no problem when playing those file. 

mpv is a based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It can play a lot of video file formats, audio and  video  codecs,  and  subtitle types. 

1- installat mpv on ubuntu
$ sudo apt-get install mpv

2- on linux system have several audio output methods, but mostly alsa  is used
so playing a directory of songs/videos and output it to alsa
$ mpv -ao=alsa mymusic-directory

- and if you have it to randomly play those file using the following command
$ mpv -ao=alsa mymusic-directory --shuffle

3- shortcut to control the player
- / or 9 : volume down
- 0 : volume up
- Enter or shift+> next on playlist
- shift+< : previous on playis
- s: screenshot
- m: mute
- < and > : fast backward and fast forward
- arrow left and arrow right : fast backward and fast forward
- arrow down and arrow up : fast backward and fast forward 
- 1 and 2: contrast up/down
- 3 and 4: brightness up/down
- f: fullscreen
- r/t: subtitle position up/down
- q: quit
- p or space: pause/play
- v: subtitle show/hide
- z and x: subtitle delay or fast forward
- j: switch subtitles
- shift + 3: switch audio

screenshot of main playing windows

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