Monday, September 26, 2016

remote to x session using xpra

***on server

1- install xpra and fluxbox window manager and xserver-xephyr
$ sudo apt-get install xpra fluxbox xserver-xephyr

2- create xpra display :6 and create a nested x window inside on display :7 then bind it to tcp port 10000
$ xpra start --start-child="Xephyr :7 -ac -screen 800x600" :6 --bind-tcp=

- list xpra sessions to see whether our newly created display is working
$ xpra list
Found the following xpra sessions:
        LIVE session at :6

3- start fluxbox on display :7 of the nested display
$ DISPLAY=:7 fluxbox

***on client
1- install xpra
$ sudo apt-get install xpr

2- connect to the remote with ip add
$  xpra attach tcp:

- screenshot of client access to remote server get x with fluxbox as window manager

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