Sunday, October 30, 2016

convert pdf file for ereader

pdf is too big to view with small screen ereader, but we can use a application called, K2pdfopt, to convert the pdf file to fit with ereader screen

k2pdfopt supports all major platform such Mac, Windows and Linux, download link is below

it provide interactive shell to add and remove options, and it is quite descriptive, so it not hard to use,

1- convert file ebook1.pdf to fit on kobo mini, press "enter" two time to start the converting process
$ ./k2pdfopt ebook1.pdf -dev kbm -o ebook5-kbt.pdf
k2pdfopt v2.35 (w/MuPDF,DjVuLibre,OCR) (c) 2016, GPLv3,
    Compiled Oct 22 2016 with Gnu C v4.8.5 for Linux on x64.

 a. Autostraighten (-as)                 n. Native PDF output (-n)
 b. Bitmap type (-jpg,-png,-bpc)         o. Output name (-o)
bp. Break pages (-bp,-f2p)              oc. OCR (-ocr,-ocrvis,...)
 c. Color/Negative output (-c, -neg)    om. Output margins (-om)
co. Column detection (-col,-ch,...)      p. Page range (-p)
cs. Contrast/Sharpen (-cmax,-g,-s,-wt)  pd. Padding/Marking (-p[lrbt],-mc)
 d. Device selection (-dev,-h,-w,-dpi)   r. Right-to-left page scans (-r)
ds. Document scale factor (-ds)         rt. Rotate source page (-sr)
 f. Fit to single column (-fc)           s. Special (-de,-evl,-gs)
gt. Gap thresholds (-gt...)             sm. Show marked source (-sm)
 j. Justification (-j)                   u. Usage (command line opts)
 l. Landscape mode (-ls)                 v. Vertical spacing (-vb,-vs)
 m. Margin to ignore (-m)                w. Wrap/Reflow text (-wrap,-ws)
mo. Mode (-mode)                         x. Exit on completion (-x)

Selected options:  ebook1.pdf -dev kbm -o ebook5-kbt.pdf

Enter option above (h=help, q=quit):

2- below are the predefine devices,
     1. Kindle 1-5 (k2)
     2. Kindle DX (dx)
     3. Kindle Paperwhite (kpw)
     4. Kindle Paperwhite 2 (kp2)
     5. Kindle Paperwhite 3 (kp3)
     6. Pocketbook Basic 2 (pb2)
     7. Kindle Voyage (kv)
     8. Nook Simple Touch (nookst)
     9. Kobo Touch (kbt)
    10. Kobo Glo (kbg)
    11. Kobo Glo HD (kghd)
    12. Kobo Glo HD Full Screen (kghdfs)
    13. Kobo Mini (kbm)
    14. Kobo Aura (kba)
    15. Kobo Aura HD (kbhd)
    16. Kobo H2O (kbh2o)
    17. Kobo H2O Full Screen (kbh2ofs)
    18. Nexus 7 (nex7)
    19. Other (specify width, height, etc.)

3- and you allow have options to specify your own custom screen width and height,
$ ./k2pdfopt ebook1.pdf -n -o ebook2-kbt.pdf -w 300 -h 400 -dpi 167 -idpi -2

- screenshot of orginal ebook and the converted ebook using predefine kobo mini

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