Saturday, October 22, 2016

how to mount nfs share on windows 7

Follow the link below, no how to setup nfs server

1- by default the nfs client is not enabled on windows 7, so firstly we have to enable it in

"Control Panel" --> "Programs and Features" --> "Trun windows features on or off"
on "Trun windows features on or off"  Windows, check

- Services for NFS
- Administrative tools
- Client for NFS

2- then we can use map networks drive to mount the nfs share
on "explorer" windows click on "tools" --> "Map network drive"
on "Map network drive" window, on the section "Folder" type

and click "Finish". so it will mount the share, /home/user1/nfstest, on nfs server,

3- now we can access the nfs share as the drive
- snapshot of drive z: representing the nfs  share of server

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