Monday, October 17, 2016

install and run application using snapcraft on ubuntu 16.10

snapcraft is both a packages manager and a system that handle how to run an applicate partially independent from the host operating system. an snap application will contain its dependencies, and the description of how it should be run on the system. So it can run across linux distributions such as ubuntu, archlinux, debian, gentoo linux, fedora, opensuse, openwrt, etc that you can install snapcraft on it.

if you use ubuntu 16.10, the snap is installed by default

1- testing install hello-world
$ sudo snap install hello-world

2- after install we can run it with hello-command or with snap run hello-world
$ hello-world
$ snap run hello-world

3- snap also support search feature, so you just provide the keyword that interested to you. it will reply with those apps that available.

$ snap find notepad
Name       Version           Developer         Notes  Summary
qownnotes  16.10.4           pbek              -      Plain-text file notepad with markdown support and ownCloud integration
notes      0.9.0~gitb6e3b34  notes-developers  -      Note-taking application, write down your thoughts

4- so we install notes with the following command
$ sudo snap install notes

5- we can use the following command to list all the apps that we have installed
$ snap list
Name         Version           Rev  Developer         Notes
ghex-udt     1                 1    canonical         -
hello-world  6.3               27   canonical         -
hexpad       1.5               4    caozhen           -
icey-lynx    0                 1    icey              -
notes        0.9.0~gitb6e3b34  4    notes-developers  -
pencilsheep  5                 5    pencilsheep       -
qownnotes    16.10.4           236  pbek              -
tpad         1.9               14   caozhen           -
ubuntu-core  16.04.1           423  canonical         -

- snapshot of notes running

finally i think, the downsides are packages tend to have bigger size and some of those installed applications are fail to run

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