Friday, October 14, 2016

quick way to setup webdav server

1- install pywebdav
$ sudo pip install pywebdav

- after installation the command, davserver, will be available.

2- to start the webdav without username and password and listen on ip address , use the command below
$ mkdir testwebdav
$ davserver -D testwebdav/ -n -H

- to start it with username and password  webuser1/webpass1, use the following command

$ davserver -D testwebdav/ -n -H -J -u webuser1 -p webpass1

*** on client

1- now we can access the webdav from server , we will use mount webdav, so will install the package below, because we need it

$ sudo apt-get install davfs2

2- and the command to mount it is below

$ mount.davfs /media/test/

if the webdav server didn't set with username password, just enter it without provide any username/password

- after mount it, now you can use it as if it is a directory in the system

- snapshot of server log when mount or upload something.

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