Thursday, December 15, 2016

use keynav, if you hate using mouse

keynav is a small utility that we can use it to navigate screen more quicker. If you accustomed to it, it might be more efficient than using mouse.

to download it follow the link below

it support linux flatform, but if you can have cygwin and xorg server worked on your windows machine, you also can use it.

1- to start it
execute it to use. to reactive it agian use "ctrl + ;".

2- the following commands are enough for moving mouses across the screen

h : select the left half of the region
j : select the bottom half of the region
k : select the top half of the region
l : select the right half of the region
shift+h : move the region left
shift+j : move the region down
shift+k : move the region top
shift+l : move the region right
semicolon : Move the mouse to the center of the selected region
spacebar : Move the mouse and left-click
escape : Cancel the move
a : to move the mouse to last selected session

3- but moving mouse around and use only left click it not enough. and it is customizable edit file  ~/.keynavrc to customize your key sequences, the following is the content of ~/.keynavrc,

v warp,drag 1 alt
m warp,drag 1
b warp,click 1,click 1,end

v : to start moving window
m: to start drag object
b: double click.

if there are more to customize, follow the link below to see the complete list

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