Friday, February 3, 2017

convert mobi format to epub format

mobi and epub are both the format for mobile reading. their contents are flexible to the screen size. epub is more popular because it is an open format. but mobi is governed by amazon, so it can impose restriction on the format.

1- to convert it we can use a tool call ebook-convert , to get it we install  calibre
$ sudo apt-get install  calibre

2- the ebook-convert is cli tool and it will use extension of input/output to predict the format that we wish to convert,
$ ebook-convert SolarElectricity.epub

3- after it will produce another file called SolarElectricity.epub
$  file *
SolarElectricity.epub:                                    EPUB document Mobipocket E-book "Solar Electricity", 839844 bytes uncompressed, version 6, codepage 6500


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