Saturday, May 13, 2017

application to encrypt the whole volume

1- install zulucrypt
$ sudo apt-get install zulumount-cli zulucrypt-cli

2- we have one free volume called sdb1

- to create a encrypted volume with testpass as password
$ sudo zuluCrypt-cli -c -d /dev/sdb1 -z ext4 -t luks -p testpass

- to start using the volume with need to open it, use the following command
$ sudo zuluCrypt-cli -o -d /dev/sdb1 -m sdb1 -e rw -p testpass

it will mount to

- to close it back, the command below
$ sudo zuluCrypt-cli -q -d /dev/sdb1 -m sdb1 -e rw -p testpass

or we can mount and unmount with zulumount
- to mount
$ sudo zuluMount-cli -m -d /dev/sdb1

-to unmount
$ sudo zuluMount-cli -u -d /dev/sdb1

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