Thursday, May 11, 2017

create video from image file by zooming

1- install the utility
$ sudo apt-get install zoomer

2- we need to file
 a- image file : any name, but mine is moon.jpg
 a- data file,,  with the following line
233,246 62 Lisa

they are
 X,Y Width Text,
and the line can be,
      364,178 57 Bart
       233,246 62 Lisa
       396,274 52 Maggie
       302,059 61 Marge
       228,130 66 Homer

3- output of video format is according to the extension, for example avi, mpeg...

4- to create the video use the following command
$  zoomer --debug --frames-moveing=30 --pic=moon.jpg  --output=outvideo.avi

after finishing, there will be a new file. outvideo.avi

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