Sunday, June 18, 2017

get transparent windows in fluxbox

1- need composite manager to make transparency possible in fluxbox
$ sudo apt-get install xcompmgr

- then run it
$ xcompmgr

2-  to reduce a windows opacity we can go to menu with mouse or add this to ~/.fluxbox/keys and use shortcut key
Shift Mod4 t     :SetAlpha +5 +5
Shift Mod4 r      :SetAlpha -5 -5

shift+windows+t  = to increase
shift+windows+r  = to decrease

3-  with that transparent capability, the following comment can new png image in transparent mode
$ pqiv -c -c -i wordpress-trasparrent.png

if don't have transparent image around, can use the following command to remove white area, it will become transparent
$  convert diff.png -fuzz XX% -transparent white diff-tran.png

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