Sunday, August 13, 2017

configure sflow to monitor linux performance

we use sflowtrend as the sflow collector , ip
so download and install it

then run it with
$ sflowtrend-local

then we can access it via gui or web https://serverip:8443

1- on linux to be monitored, installing sflow agent

$ git clone
$ cd host-sflow
$ sudo make install
$ sudo make schedule 

2- then edit its configuration as below (/etc/hsflowd.conf)
sflow {
DNSSD= off
 polling = 20
 sampling = 512
  collector {
     dbus { }

3- restart its service
$ sudo /etc/init.d/hsflowd restart

now we get the performance information such ask dick cpu, ram, network, etc on our sflow controller, sflowtrend, on tab Host

*** tips
we can debug host-sflow as below

$ sudo gdb hsflowd
gdb> set args -dd -f /etc/hsflowd.conf
gdb> run

- or
$ hsflowd -dd -f /etc/hsflowd.conf

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