Monday, August 7, 2017

Make vmdk from a physical disk with clonezilla

*** info
in the system there're two disks
1- source disk
2- disk to be cloned to (dst disk)

1- Download the clonezilla live image then burn it to a cd,

2- boot the system with clonezilla cd

3- Select mode choose:
device-device work from disk or partition to disk or partition

4- then choose beginner or expert according do you experience level

5- then choose
disk_to_local_disk  local disk to local disk clone

6- on choose local disk as source: select
source disk

7- on choose local disk as target: select
dst disk

then enter and answer those proceeding question and wait it to complete you will get a new disk
the vmdk size will be roughly the same as used space of the physical disk

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