Sunday, February 25, 2018

fake gps

1- install packages
$ sudo apt-get intall gpsd python-gps 

2- download gps data

3- stop gpsd service
$ sudo sytemctl stop gpsd.socket
$ sudo sytemctl stop gpsd

3- start fakegps with the data we download
$ gpsfake -p -v -D 5 -b  -c 10 ~/Downloads/v7.nmea 

4- start gpsd with the device that gpsfake created, see the output, can be /det/pts/12
$ gpsd /dev/pts/12

5- now we can use  client to read the gps status

-from gpsd socket
$ gpspipe -w -n 30

- read from device
$ gpscat /dev/pts/12

or we can use with marble to show tracking on maps

on left side bar
"location"  --> tracking

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