Thursday, February 1, 2018

grv, Git Repository Viewer tool

we can view git repositories from  terminal based interface using GRV.

to get it

$ wget -O grv
$ chmod +x ./grv
$ ./grv -repoFilePath /path/to/repo

It is like vim to to navigate , it uses similar shortcut like vim, example
/string: to search forward
?string: to search backforward
gg: move to the first line
G: move to the last line 
k       or <Up>         Move up one line
j       or <Down>       Move down one line
l       or <Right>      Scroll right
h       or <Left>       Scroll left
<C-b>   or <PageUp>     Move one page up
<C-f>   or <PageDown>   Move one page down
zz                      Center view

:q  to quit

it also has it work shortcut:
<Tab>   or <C-w>w       Move to next view
<S-Tab> or <C-w>W       Move to previous view
f       or <C-w>o       Toggle current view full screen
<C-w>t                  Toggle views layout
gt                      Move to next tab
gT                      Move to previous tab
q                       Close view (or close tab if empty)

full document:

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